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Welcome to Pets and Ticks!

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Resources about ticks and pets at your fingertips.

We'd like to welcome everyone to Pets and Ticks!

Last year, Dr. Scott Weese started the Pet Tick Tracker through the Worms and Germs Blog. There was an overwhelming response from veterinarians and pet owners. That prompted us to create - which integrates the Pet Tick Tracker and resources about ticks into one easy-to-use website.

Right now, the Pet Tick Tracker is up and running - just in time for tick season!

We will be continuing to develop Pets and Ticks, with more information and interactive content coming soon! Some of the highlights to watch for include: videos on tick removal and tick surveillance, "Species in Focus Series" with detailed information on specific tick species, and research summaries on breaking research such as the ACVIM Consensus Statements.

Thanks for visiting Pets and Ticks!

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