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First Pets and Ticks Video now available!

We've just added our first Pets and Ticks video on "How to Identify a Tick". This video is designed to assist those at home who are looking at a tick sample without a microscope. Key features are highlighted and we go through some example samples. We hope this video enhances your skills to accurately identify tick samples. Just remember to submit your finding online after you've identified your tick!

We know that tick identification can be tough! And some samples are especially challenging and require an expert eye and high quality microscope. We are still accepting tick samples from pets in our laboratory for identification if you're not sure, or want to validate your tick identification.

This video can be viewed on our YouTube channel. We hope you like it! Special thanks to videographer Kevin Hogg of the Ontario Veterinary College Communications Team and Zoetis for laboratory equipment and use of samples.

If you have ideas for future videos, please send us an email through the Contact page.

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In 2016, Dr. Scott Weese of the Ontario Veterinary College launched the Pet Tick Tracker to help monitor changes in tick populations. Through this online tool, pet owners could submit reports of tick findings - and the response was overwhelming! He's now teamed up with Drs. Katie Clow and Michelle Evason to create Pets and Ticks - a comprehensive website that brings the Pet Tick Tracker together with up-to-date, evidence-based information on ticks in Canada.  


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